Quench - chunk limited 7"

As usual, a good deal comes with a great deal of work needed.  There appears to be rust problems at the bottom of the door and around the rear wheel well of the passenger side.  The owner did not include any pictures of the driver’s side.  Barring some strange occurrence, my guess is that the driver’s side is in a similar condition.  Of course, especially for Ford products of this vintage, if you see rust, there is likely more that you can’t see.  The owner doesn’t address the rust issue in the description, but he does say that the car sat in a carport since 1981.  He does add that the car is all original and he has spent a fair chunk of money tracking down date correct exhaust manifolds and a proper four barrel carb intake for the engine.

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Quench - Chunk Limited 7Quench - Chunk Limited 7Quench - Chunk Limited 7Quench - Chunk Limited 7